A Boo-Tastic Balloon Mosaic

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Hello Ryse and Shine Friend :) All friends know each others favorite holidays, so I know it isn't of any surprise that you know Halloween is one of mine. From as young as I can remember, I always enjoyed letting my imagination run wild with all the costumes I could wear ... the pumpkins I could carve ... the unlimited ways to use spider webs ... and the list goes on, and on, and on ... and on! Adding to the constant growing list of ways to extend the festivities of Halloween, I am adding balloon mosaics!

Here enters "Boo"! For a Fall photo shoot I had the privilege to create this Boo balloon mosaic that tried very hard not to steal the spotlight from the family and kiddos that were getting their professional shots made.


Mosaic Structure Supplies List:

  1. Eight (8) 30 x 40 Black Foam Core Boards

  2. One (1) Roll of Black Duct Tape

  3. Exacto Knife

  4. Ruler

Balloon Supplies List:

  1. Balloon Air Pump

  2. Balloon Glue Dots

  3. 50 Pearl Black 12" Balloons

  4. 100 Mat Black 5" Balloons

  5. 10 Pearly White 12" Balloons

  6. 25 Mat White 5" Balloons


Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Balloon Mosaic

Start with a little prep work.

Before you get cutting and creating, you will want to do a little preparation.

Step 1: Decide on the balloon mosaic size.

Technically, you can make your balloon mosaic any size your heart desires, but the most common sizes are 3 foot, 3.5 foot, 4 foot, and 5 foot. Once you have decided on the height you want your balloon mosaic you can go to step 2.

Step 2: Decide the mosaic color.

The mosaic, itself, is made out of foam core board. The most common foam core board colors are black or white. But, honestly, you could get white and spray pain the boards to whatever color you want.

Step 3. Choose the numbers or letters you will need for your mosaic.

Because mosaics are custom-made, this gives so much flexibility and freedom. Simply decide what letters, or numbers, you want for your mosaic. And, don't forget, you can do mosaic shapes, like pumpkins, llamas, cacti, etc.

For my mosaics, I freehand the letters and numbers. Sometimes I go to Adobe Illustrator - pick the font I like - and create my own number, or letter, to scale. Other times, I free hand it. It just depends on the project, and whether I want a more organic-styled outcome.

But, honestly, there are some pretty creative and talented balloon-sisters out there that you can find some great mosaic templates if you want to buy one. I may publish my own mosaics in the future, but until then, you should check Etsy - they have a lot of creatives that already have a variety of letter, number, and character templates you could start with.

Step 4: Order your supplies. Now that you have your mosaics picked out, the height determined, and you know the foam core board color you're going with, it is time to order your supplies. You'll want to order your foam core board and the duct tape to match. You want to go with a duct tape that is as close to your foam core board as possible. Black foam core board, go with the black duct tape. White foam core board, go with the white duct tape.

Now, you might be wondering how much foam core board to order. That all depends on the height of the mosaic. For a five (5) foot mosaic, you'll want to three (3) 40 x 60 pieces of foam core board. This leaves enough to make the back piece, make the borders, and have some left-over incase you make a mistake and just need a little extra.

Let's Get Mosaic-ing.

Now you have your balloon mosaic vision, it is time to get to work!

Step 1: Trace the mosaic on the foam core board and cut. Lay out your mosaic letter, number, or design template on top of your foam core board. If the height of the mosaic is taller than one foam core board, tape two boards together with your duct tape. Trace your design onto your board with a pencil.

Once the pattern is traced onto the foam core board, get your Exacto knife and cut the pattern out.

Step 2: Create the mosaic sides. Get another foam core board and cut it ten (10) inches from the edge. I recommend a ten-inch bordering edge on the mosaic so that it has more surface to stand on its own. The smaller the border length the more challenge it may have to stand alone. (Tip: Another way to decide the length of your mosaic's border edge is based on the predominant balloon size you'll be using inside the mosaic. With a ten-inch board you can use twelve (12") inch balloons.)

Step 3: Make the curved mosaic borders. With the 'Boo' mosaic, there is a lot of curve going on with the borders of the letters. You can create this curve effect by making small cuts into the foam core, but not deep enough that it pierces all the way through.

To make a clean curve, take a ruler and use this as your reference to create a cut line on the foam core board. You'll repeat this along the foam core board for whatever size of a curve you need for your curved piece of mosaic. Once you make a cut line, you'll simply press the cut line open; this should make a snap sound. You'll find when doing this one side of your foam core is now bent where the other side is still intact, and not cut all the way through.

Step 4: Tape your mosaic border edges to the back. Now that you have your mosaic outline and your edges created, the next step is pretty easy - tape them together! With 2-3 inches pieces of tape, place a half part of the piece of tape to the inside of the mosaic ... and the other half piece of the duct tape should be placed on the inside of the mosaic border.